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~~Exiles Of Atlantis Rules~~

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~`~Exiles of Atlantis~`~
Server Ruleset

Server Rules
All members must be at least 18 years old to join
All members must behave maturely, politely, and respectfully both in game and in the forums – this includes grieving, trolling, spamming, advertising, insulting others, being racist, sexual harassment, flaming or flame baiting.
All members must be active on the server forums – RP is based on forum information where story aches, war declarations, base raid declarations, rule changes, announcements and other information is posted.
All members must obey all rules at all times – zero tolerance for cheating or exploiting
Leaking server password is grounds for immediate ban.

Role Play
All members are required to remain in character in game at all times. OOC is allowed via text chat only.
All members are expected to update their character storyline regularly.
Members should not attack a person or group without a valid in character reason to justify a hostile action.
Members should never ignore others attempts to roleplay
Members should never act in a way that indicates no regard for your character’s survival.
Members should not use out of character knowledge to gain an advantage in character.
Members must not Powergame – which means to force an action, condition or belief upon another player’s character beyond what the game’s mechanics allow.
Members cannot force any permanent status effect on other characters without explicit permission.
Members cannot metagame – which means when a player receives information that they otherwise should not have received in any reasonable role-play way.
Members cannot combat log – they cannot log off until they are killed, killed their opponent, or have waited 15 minutes after a hostile action.
Members must declare when they make a new character or have a name change.
What happens in-game, stays in-game. Feuding between clans will be tolerated in-game not in community interactions. Remember, winning and losing are both possible outcomes of conflict. This is a PvP server so expect conflict to be a possibility. However, we all want to encourage a healthy and pleasant community outside of the game. That means when the game is off it’s time to be friendly, courteous and respectful to all members despite prior history. It’s just a game!
Interactions in game should be consistent with those depicted in the various works of the Conan Universe. Patterns of speech and accents must be both lore-friendly and consistent. If you don’t want to speak with an accent for the lifetime of your character, don’t use one to begin with.
Members should never KoS unless justified by role playing
Members must make positive identification when killing another player within the rules – improperly identified targets will be counted as KoS.
Members must contact any target(s) before initiating a hostile action against them.
Members must make any hostile intentions clear.
Members who kidnap others must do everything in their power to keep their victim(s) alive and in relatively good health. The victim(s) may only be killed if they do not comply with demands.
Members can kill another player if: (1) They are being held up (2) Another player makes demands with threats of violence (3) A person is disobeying or ignoring any commands of another (4) They have a hostage and another person or group is trying to rescue them through hostile action(s) (5) A member is in a current PvP zone such as an active raid.

Members can take revenge for any hostile action that didn’t result in the member’s death if it’s within one hour. All other rules still apply during this revenge period; once the revenge period has elapsed fresh contact must be made with potential targets before further killing is allowed.
Members that die may not return to their body nor get involved in any action that was part of that person’s death for 30 minutes. When you die, you lose memories surrounding the event that led to your death – that means running back to your body or the area after dying is forbidden. However, you keep the knowledge about your group, friends, enemies and other people that you’ve met before that event.
A player may choose to self-sacrifice themselves on an altar. However, in doing so, they are agreeing that their death be a perma-death.
Members must utilize realistic methods of base building/protection.
Members may not use any object in any way that is not intended to fortify bases.
Members may not build in a way that blocks public property.
Members must remove any base Mods tell them to within 24 hours.
Members cannot build traps or other objects in public areas that put others at risk.
Members cannot place blocks to claim territory without creating a structure i.e. base, outpost, mining camp, etc. Any territory claims that cause conflict between clans must be decided through combat or diplomacy.
Bases and structures cannot be placed next to thrall camps or material nodes if the proximity of the structure prevents the spawning of either.
A maximum of 5 player bed rolls may be placed outside of player bases.
Base Raiding/Defense
Members must give 24 hours’ notice (in game or through the forum) before they raid another member’s base. Information provided should include the date and time of the raid and who is participating. Defenders will need to reply with who will be defending. If there is no reply from the defender the raid can still take place. If the defenders defend without giving notice they will receive a penalty.
Members who initiate a raid must wait three days before declaring another (they can still defend).
Members may utilize in-game defenses to defend their bases out to a distance equal to one foundation width surrounding their base providing they do not also block any private property.
Mod Authority
Mod(s) are authorized to use any means necessary to catch rule breakers.
Mod(s) are allowed to punish players for actions not listed in this rules page, as long as they consider the action or players behavior to be damaging to the community, gameplay, role play, or community image.
Point System
A member will be banned if and when they reach twenty points.
Each infraction will be anywhere from 1-10 points – TBD by Mod(s)
Each new infraction made by a member will receive increasing consequences.
Members who receive points (including those resulting in a ban) can appeal them in writing to Mod(s).
Server Lore


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